Will there be an opening ceremony?

To avoid having a large crowd, we will not be holding an opening ceremony for camps.

Where do I drop my children then?

There will be designated drop off and pick up points for players allowing them to access their teams more directly.  

Are parents and relatives allowed on the field?

No. Only participants or staff will be allowed on the field.   

How many players per camp and team?

To ensure the safest camp we can, this year we have opted for reduced capacity camps. We will have a maximum capacity of 60 players per camp and 10 to 12 players per team

Will there be social distancing between teams?

Yes, all teams will have at least 10 feet of distance between each other.

What about soccer drills and training?

Soccer drills and training based on USYS guidelines to guarantee safety.

Will masks be required to be worn during training?
Masks will be required to be worn upon arrival to camp but may be taken off during training sessions.
What happens if due to the covid-19 the organization cancel a soccer camp event?

We understand it is a difficult time for everyone due to Covid-19 and therefore we are offering two options in the event we are canceling your registration as a result of Covid-19:

  • Receive a 100% credit which can be used for next summer camp. We really look forward to see you enjoying our events.
  • Receive a partial Refund, which will be the result of the full registration fee you paid, minus the $95 non-refundable registration fee
Will here be water stations?

Yes. We encourage players to stay hydrated during training and each team will have a separate station to refill. We ask all players to bring to camp their own reusable water bottle very well labeled with their name.  

Will there be hand sanitizer?

Yes, every water station will be equipped with hand sanitizer for players.

Will there be thermometers?

Yes, all camps will have a thermometer available on site.

Are material disinfected?

Yes, all balls, cones, vests, etc. will be disinfected daily to ensure the upmost safest environment.